Max is the first turntable from the Robert Mayer product line. The primary material is Emperador Light marble. The base consists of 15mm thick acrylic glass, on which the stainless steel structure is placed via silicone damping. Individual functional components of the turntable - motor, tonearm, and the bearing with the platter are supported by silicone damping pads.

The stainless steel structure allows for adjusting the motor's position by approximately 30 degrees around the central axis using a joint, enabling slight customization of the turntable's appearance. The motor transmits torque to the sub-platter through a flat rubber belt. A bronze/phosphor bearing with a ceramic ball and suitable viscous fluid create an environment with minimal friction. The platter itself is placed on felt pads, so it does not come into direct contact with the bearing. This significantly reduces the transfer of noise and vibrations from the bearing to the turntable and subsequently to the cartridge through the record.

Unique design

We endeavored to create a design unlike any we've encountered in turntables before. The uniqueness lies in the possibility of various directional placements of the turntables motor.

Energy efficiency

The turntable is powered by a 2-watt 16-volt motor, making its power consumption negligible.


Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel in combination with various types of stone and colors of acrylic glass provide ample room for your taste and imagination.

Customize your design

Choose from our selection of stones, from which we'll craft a tailor-made turntable for you.

You can place an order by simply sending us an email.


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