The Hagerup turntable represents the flagship model in our company's portfolio. The turntable is supported by a magnetic bearing, preventing any friction or vibrations. The magnetic system enabling the levitation of the platter is placed in a stainless steel bath filled with oil to eliminate even the slightest vibrations. The belt makes minimal contact with the platter, as it utilizes another pulley on the opposite side in addition to the motor's own pulley. This prevents the transmission of potential additional vibrations or noise from the motor through the belt to the platter.

In line with our company's philosophy, only the most noble materials are used in all models. For the Hagerup model, this includes white marble and stainless steel. The turntable stands on company-designed bases made of solid stainless steel and ceramic balls cast in a mixture of sand and flexible epoxy.

Unique design

Substantial mass in a sandwich configuration for vibration elimination, magnetic bearing, the possibility of mounting two tonearms - our foray into the heavyweight analog realm. The highest quality white marble clearly showcases where Hagerup belongs. At the top.

Energy efficiency

Despite its 60 kg weight, the turntable is powered by a single 2-watt 16-volt motor, allowing for the use of a magnetic bearing in an oil bath.


Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel in combination with various types of stone and colors of acrylic glass provide ample room for your taste and imagination.

Customize your design

Choose from our selection of stones, from which we'll craft a tailor-made turntable for you.

You can place an order by simply sending us an email.



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