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Antonio is our base model that maintains the fundamental standards of higher-end models. The materials used are black slate, bronze-coated steel, and acrylic glass. The bronze is treated against oxidation with a special lacquer applied in multiple layers. It follows a classic turntable design with an inverted bearing, i.e., a bronze/phosphor bearing and a ceramic ball on which the spindle stands directly connected to the platter.

Compared to our higher-end models, it is lightweight, weighing only 15 kg. The motor drives the copper platter of the turntable through a circular belt. To reduce the transmission of noise and vibrations through the base, there is an additional platter made of 5mm thick acrylic glass. The turntable itself has height-adjustable legs made of bronze-coated steel and ceramic balls, resting on a base of acrylic glass.

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Unique design

Inspired by the universally recognized "turn-on" symbol, this turntable embodies a sleek and modern design.


Energy efficiency

The turntable is powered by a 2-watt 16-volt motor, making its power consumption negligible.



Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel in combination with various types of stone and colors of acrylic glass provide ample room for your taste and imagination.

Customize your design

Choose from our selection of stones, from which we'll craft a tailor-made turntable for you.
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You can place an order by simply sending us an email.


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